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37th Annual Meeting

The Goethe University Frankfurt and the House of Finance (HoF) were pleased to welcome you to the 37th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. The meeting was held August 25–28, 2010 at Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt, as the city of culture, offers an international atmosphere with multicultural flair and is located within one of Germany‘s most varied regions of natural beauty.

Frankfurt, as the financial centre of Europe‘s largest economy, is home to most of the players in the financial sector, such as banks, insurance and investment companies. They are joined by other institutions – such as the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bundesbank.

And Frankfurt is the city of knowledge. The House of Finance is the home of money-and-finance related research and teaching activities at Goethe University, comprising faculty from two departments (economics and law) and researchers from several Centres (CFS, EFL, IMFS, ILF).

So Frankfurt, as the location of the EFA 2010 annual meeting, provides new options for academic networking and collaboration on an international scale, and it deepens the dialogue with practitioners in finance and policy makers.


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